Gary Couto: Collecting Physical Media in a Digital World

Today in Collectors Spotlight. We will have a quick look about collecting physical media in a world that has moved to streaming services as a primary source of entertainment. Which do you prefer? owning a physical movie media like DVD's and Blu-Ray's or a movie license downloaded from amazon? or digital streaming from Netflix?

Sneak Peek: Vince The Pokemon Collector

“I want to be the very best, Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, To train them is my cause.” Did you sing it while reading? We sang too!

Allan and His 1M-Worth Transformers

The Transformers began in 1984 by Japanese and American media. As a young boy, Allan dreamt about having every robot in the toy line. Today he owns around 1,500 Transformers from that robotic toy sensation which started a comic book, cartoon show and blockbuster hit.

3 Of The Largest Collections In The World

Every collector sense of achievement is a powerful motivator. There are many reasons why they’re collecting. One of the biggest honors a collector can attain is recognition from Guinness Worlds Records. These three collectors found success by being passionate and breaking the records for the largest collections in the world.

Rare Handwritten Letters Of Andres Bonifacio

Today we commemorate Andres Bonifacio’s birthday, November 30, 1863. He was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary, dubbed as ‘the father of the Philippine Revolution’. Did you know that three surviving extremely rare and historically important letters of Bonifacio were present today?

Angelina Is An Avid Knife Collector

Famous Academy Award, Golden Globe-winning actress and Special Envoy for the United Nations, High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie is surely making us a star-making performance. She is also a renowned producer, screenwriter, director and mother of six adopted children. Jolie has collected fortune, fame, desire, and family over the years, but not everyone knows her secret hobby.

Freddie Mercury Is a Stamp Collector

Freddie Mercury was adored across the world for his incredible voice being a global rock icon, musical genius, and on-stage charisma. Though he was recognized internationally as rock band Queen’s front man, Freddie kept a private life.