Welcome 2018. Let’s Create More Meaningful Memories


Looking back when Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates launched Facebook website on Feb 4, 2004 about 13 years ago.  Three years after, iPhones came out and so other smart phone brands that only started becoming semi common a decade ago. At this day in age, technology is thriving making social media bigger than ever before. While technology brings bunch of benefits and convenience, there is a line that is often times crossed.

During my younger age, there was no place for a cell phone at the dinner table, in order to stay entertained we actually had to hold a conversation with the people we were with, or just go out and meet with friends to play outdoor games. These days, we no longer know what it’s like to be patient or bored because we have constant stimulation and can get a response almost instantly.

I remember when I first received a Nintendo Game & Watch from my Father abroad. I’m not sure about the exact date but I stil remember clearly the joy and excitement and the fun we had together playing with that unusual device.

Toys and  gadgets became part of our good childhood memories, but looking back closer again, the fun is coming from the company of your friends and love ones and remember that these toys and gadgets are just a means and so we must be using technology as a means to communicate and a way to make our presence to be felt.

I’m thankful at this day in age, there is always a way to look back and rekindle those good childhood memories. Collectors Hive, the Social Site for Collectors & Hobbyist made its way to reverse the usual everyday routine of posting whatever you do or doing into something more meaningful through memories catalogue.


When I get to see in my collection catalogue the photos of my Nintendo Game & Watch, it already speaks a thousand memories which I don’t need to post one by one in other “Social Media Platforms”. The truth of the matter is no one really cares what you did this weekend or what you ate for breakfast this morning or what are you planning to do in the next couple of hours. At the end of the day all that matters is that you are enjoying your life and creating more memories.

The growing obsession with posts, likes, views, and comments is fine, but again there should be a line drawn. Instagram, Facebook, etc. are great ways to stay in touch and keep up with family and friends who you do not always get to see. So many moments and memories get disrupted and altered. I can not tell you how many genuinely hilarious moments have been ruined for a snapchat and selfies. Surprising as it may be to some people, your day still happened if you did not broadcast every detail on social media.

The bottom line is , lets just use technology wisely and try not to get carried out. If you would rather watch a concert through your snapchat screen and take selfies there, that is your prerogative.

For the rest of us who see something wrong with the idea of that, I suggest next time you’re with your friends or family try to put your phone down and be present in the moment. Obviously nothing is wrong with using social media, that is what its there for, but any excess is not really good. Let’s try to focus more energy on creating meaningful memories instead of posts. Let’s ignite our passion fellow Collectors, Hobbyist and Enthusiast and let’s keep it alive. Alive it should be, meaning your presence is to be felt. Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2018!



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