The Beetle Collector


Every hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors – whatever they’re called – keeps favorite items inside their room. Today we are featuring a nature-inspired insect haven! Let’s meet Estan Conrad Cabigas, the beetle collector who started a butterfly collection in 1989. Now he gathered 5,000 specimen beetles which has been collected over the years. Meet these eight beetle families he have – Cerambycidae, Scarabaeidae, Buprestidae, Lucanidae, Cicindelidae, Carabidae, Curculionidae and Antribidae.

Most of his beetles came from Mindanao where he lived shortly. But some species have also been collated in vast majority of the Philippine archipelago. Through the inputs of entomologists and collector friends, he was able to produce accurate information.

Courtesy of Langyaw Media

He was already featured in different TV shows, vlogs and other media. Estan also carries a winning travel blog, stunning photography, great features on food, adventure, heritage, culture and architecture – the Langyaw Media.

We are in awe to know his collection. This is environmental and classic. You can reach him via:



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