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Toti’s music-filled compartment (he’s got more than 20,000 records to date!) will complete your music vibes. He loves the tunes of El Records, Factory, Cherry Red, and Creation. He is more of the British bands. His most favorite lineup bands are XTC, The Jam, Style Council and The Blue Nile. For the modern era, Simian Ghost, Junior Boys and Marcus make up his day.

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In 1993, he had risen up the Groove Nation, an under-the-radar record store that became a hardcore music lovers’ community. In the mid-90s, Groove Nation was known for Consortium, a story of underground rave parties which feature DJs performing spin turntables.

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When he wrote for a supplement (where Lourd de Veyra was his editor) he discovered his band Radioactive Sago Project and helped him released it. Sooner he met Up Dharma Down, Sleepwalk Circus, Maude, and all other (Terno) bands. He then founded a small indie label Terno Recordings, a pool that’s home to the best local artists such as the crowd favorites Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project, Encounters with a Yeti, Hidden Nikki, The Charmes, among others. His company Groove Nation was established before to get cheaper wholesale records from different parts of the world but on the event of supporting local bands, Terno Recordings was born.

Today, he established ThisIsPop! Records can be new wave, punk, post-punk, and indie genres. He likes to think that he can provide another option for people who are looking for records that are unusual.

This store is literally your “alternative” to what’s out there. He described that term as something you cannot find on radio, normal on other countries such as Tokyo but avant-garde. Toti keeps them as his collection (vice) and advocate the appreciation of music in all genres.

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