Collectors Hive Had A ToyCon 2018 Blast!


Hobbyists flocked to the annual ToyCon at the SMX Convention Center for this 2018 pop culture domination. Remember when the first ToyCon took place 16 years ago in SM Megamall? Exhibitors could hardly fit the husky physiques of their display yet they became a hit. This year we saw different Indie toy designers including our legendary Voltes V creator and partner Mr. Arvin Angeles and Mr. Roland Yu.

From the left: Mr. Arvin Angeles, Mr. Frederick Puno, Mr. Roland Yu

The convention gathered over 240 sellers on a giant floor. Our team Collectors Hive (CH) rocked the floor as we presented our ‘Auction’ features to everyone. Imagine having a social media for collectors and online catalog of your collectibles? Plus there is a ‘Store Hive’ feature wherein you can buy and sell items. Now there is a more credible, organized and strategic way of bidding your old love items. Our ‘Auction’ requires a valid government I.D. to avoid fraudulent transactions.

Collectors Hive Team

In celebration of this, team CH held a game contest named Hextris. The winners are defined through highest score in the leaderboard. All you need to do is match the incoming colors to destroy each pile.

A big congratulations to Mr. Paulus Torres as 1st place, Mr. Jefferson Umali as 2nd place and Mr. Manuelito Mangilit for 3rd place.

How To Join The Auction
Hextris Game

Special thanks to our participating store partners for helping team CH’s success. We extended our appreciation by drawing lots of winners.

Congratulations to Art Toys, The Potter Heritage, The Brick Toys, Wattatoys Hobby & Collectibles and Toy Empire store.

Poplife Fan Xperience ToyCon 2018 is another boast of this year’s event. Collectors Hive CEO Frederick Puno and the team had a blast with Ms. Kelly Hu who role played Lady Deathstrike (X-MEN 2), Sorceress Cassandra (Scorpion King) and China White (Arrow). We also met Mr. Dante Basco who’s Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Zuko, Star War: Rebels’ Jai Kell and as Rufio in Hook movie. The legendary comic book artist Neal Adams was such an inspiration.

The famous Underworld series role played by Kevin Grevioux as Raze comes into light as we discover his presence. The Collectors Hive had a great momentum looking towards a fun-filled community of hobbyists.

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