Arvin And His FAD6 DAIMOS


Back in the late 70s, Arvin Angeles watched the super robot destroy villains by its Laser Sword. Voltes V aired between the 70’s and 80’s era in GMA 7 channel. He got inspired to create his own version. So he made a 12-inch volting-in Voltes V out of styrofoam and folders. His passion grew and so created a more durable version out of thick plastic folders.

He began collecting Gunpla (fusion of “Gundam” and “plastic kits”) since 1988. Moved in Singapore to work as a graphic designer and bought a GX-31 Voltes V model, he turned a Gundam kit into a full-featured Voltes V. He had his first convention at Collectors Hive booth last Toycon 2017. Now he got invited to numerous conventions and exhibitions.

Arvin’s first convention at Collectors Hive in Toycon 2017.
3D Voltes V Head

We personally had a chance to interview Mr. Arvin, here’s our conversation:

  1. Hi Arvin! Yay! We are now speaking to such a great guy like you. So we heard that you are an avid toy collector. On which particular line up?

Mainly Gundam Series, Super Mecha Robot Series such as Voltes V, Voltron, Optimus Prime and other robots. Although I collect DC Justice League and other figures, I’m still focused on Gundam and Robot collections.

  1. Voltes V is your mainstream in toy design with awesome articulations, now it’s Daimos. Can you share with us your story?

I started scratch building Voltes V in 1985 when I was still in high school. Time and experience in building robots enhanced my skills until 2016 when I devoted myself fulltime in scratch building. My background in Engineering and Gundam collecting has improved my ways and technique in the building and still continues to learn and improve my skills in this field.

  1. What is your favorite part in toy designing?

I like planning and building its joints and gimmicks. I consider it to be my forte.

  1. Oh, I see you’re working with a Daimos project, could you kindly share to us the work in progress?

First is planning the total height then start from legs going up to body arms and head.

Daimos Bust 6inches


Fully Articulated Daimos 6inches or (FAD6)
  1. We’re excited! When is your target to finish this?

I plan to finish it before August, mainly to display on HistoryCon2018.

  1. What is your inspiration in making Daimos?

I always make sure that I choose to build something that has never been done. Since a fully articulated Daimos is never been done in this small size, I took that as a challenge to make one.

  1. Those pictures are great. So what’s next for Daimos, and for future?

I still have a lot of lists to create. I won’t spoil it but rest assured it will be something that has a lot of surprises and features.

Now, that’s cool Mr. Arvin!

  1. Lastly, to all your fans out there reading this. Do you have a message?

Thank you to all who supported me in every projects and creation I make. I will always share to you my creations to inspire those who wish to create their own toy collections they dream to have. Always believe and be inspired.

Thanks Arvin, we are super excited to see this!

Come and visit Collectors Hive this coming History Con 2018 at the World Trade Center Manila, booth P28 under Zone: Super Heroes Decoded. Arvin will finally unveil his majestic articulated Daimos figure.


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