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Do you love toy vehicles? This guy shares his passion and value for toy collection. We at Collectors Hive welcome anyone who loves the idea of collecting. Now we’re saying hi to this marvelous man-Joseph Fontanilla!

Hi Joseph! Yay! So we are now speaking to such a great guy like you. We heard that you’re an avid toy collector. How’s life going on?

Life is good.

Hot Wheels Toy Collection is your mainstream in the collection. Can you share with us why?

My fascination with Hotwheels started when I was in elementary. Every time I visit my Uncle Edward in the province, he had a great collection of Tomica and Hotwheels. I will spend my vacation in their house looking at the displayed toys but I cannot touch it. And when my vacation is over, he will give me one piece of Hotwheels or Tomica as a remembrance of my stay. Since then, I am looking forward to my vacation at my uncle’s house. I started collecting casually in my college years whenever I had extra money, I’ll buy 1piece. I was a working part-time student.

Hot Wheels just had its 50th anniversary. They released about 51 cars for the collection. What can you say about it?

50th-anniversary Hotwheels are great, every piece is sought after but I am not into collecting the whole set. Other collectors collect the whole set, I only collect what I like.

What is your favorite part in collecting?

Since my job requires traveling the country a lot, my favorite part is the “hunting game”. Whenever I see a mall in the provinces, I go directly to the toy section to find hidden gems of Hotwheels, Tomica, Greenlight, Matchbox etc. Also, Hotwheels have a treasure hunt series that they include in the boxes randomly for you to find. Sadly, some “collectors” befriend or even pays merchandiser at the mall, to “reserve” the TH, Super Treasure Hunt or $TH, and other sought-after models.

Oh, I heard you’re one of the active members in Collectors Hive. What makes you enjoy the online portal?

There are a lot of groups at Facebook that is focused on collectors, buy n sell, auction etc. Collectors hive gave me the chance to share my collection in a very detailed manner, e.g. color, condition, where did you get this, etc.

You became a Colony Leader in Collectors Hive too. Can you share with us how did you manage to reach it?

As shown in History channel, an average collector of Hotwheels should have at least 5000 pcs. Any person can reach that number if he/she buys everything he/she sees and can. My collections are only what I really like and love. Sometimes I receive them as RAOK (random act of kindness) from fellow collectors, family, and friends, and sometimes I also give away my toys esp. to kids. I also trade up my toys to old ones which I really love, or I don’t have, that I can restore. I am also into restoring and customizing Hotwheels.

Lastly, to all your fans out there reading this. Do you have a message?

I think my one and the only fan is my wife Ayen. Collecting Hotwheels may seem not expensive to others, but if you buy in bulk, it really hurts your wallet. Also if you follow the hype, it will make you frantically looking for a particular model all over. My advice to others is collect what you like and love, it’s up to you to follow the hype and allocate budget for your hobby.

Joseph showcasing few of his collections at Collectors Hive Gallery, during the History Con 2018 event.



What an insightful answers there, Sir Joseph! Your wisdom of toy collection has shaped a variety of context. Every hobbyist tells a magnificent background of their earned items.

He was also recently awarded as one of the “Certified Amazing Collectors” for sharing his great passion in Die-cast Model Cars collection under Toy Vehicles, Hotwheels, Tomica, Greenlight, Matchbox Collections cluster.

Certified Amazing Collectors Awarding at the World Trade Center Manila. Together with Mr. Frederick Puno, CEO of Collectors Hive, Mr. Joseph Fontanilla holds the plaque and receives recognition.


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