Collectors Hive Had A Blast At HistoryCon 2018


Collectors Hive imprints its footsteps at History Con 2018 dubbed as “Manila’s biggest entertainment convention”, held at World Trade Center Manila last August 10 – 12, 2018. Hobbyists, collectors, and enthusiast enjoyed the fascinating booths the event has offered.

Together with special guests like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (The ‘aliens’ meme guy) and Katheryn Winnick of Vikings fame, the event also hosted classic cars. The stage displayed Chevrolet Camaro SS, a Dodge Charger, and a Ford Mustang preserved and presented in its own unique flair.

Image by: Mark Jesalva TOPGEAR

Toy lovers surely appreciated those two-wheelers, miniature, cards, historical artifacts, board games and more.

On the spotlight, Collectors Hive awarded these passionate collectors/creators last August 12, 2018, at the lobby of History Con. They proudly presented “The Amazing Collectors” and “Collectors Hive Colony Leaders” namely Arvin Angeles, Joseph Fontanilla, Jerico Baron, Jerry Santos and Percival Lugue. Angeles is renowned for his incredible craftsmanship in the field of “Super Robots” Scratch building. He’s very well-known for the customization of Gun-pla or Gundam model Kit, transforming it into the iconic robot of his childhood, Voltes V, and Daimos. He’s merited as a Colony Leader in Collectors Hive under Super Robots cluster.

Arvin Angeles is being awarded together with the emcee and Frederick Puno, CEO & Chairman

Jerry mastered the field of “Super Robots” & “Super Heroes Life Size Statue” creations. He’s articulate in making iconic masterpiece figures of Voltes-V from 4 inches to 8 feet. He’s a TV personality too. Collectors Hive recognized him as a Colony Leader under Super Action Figures cluster.

Jerry Santos is being awarded together with the emcee and Frederick Puno, CEO & Chairman

A cosplayer and professional photographer Jerico Baron is very well known for his iconic miniatures and Nendoroid dioramas. He continuously makes a huge impact on the collectors’ community in sharing a great passion for Anime and Manga Collections. He’s proudly presented as a Colony Leader under Toys, Anime and Manga cluster.

Jerico Baron wasn’t able to come but Collectors Hive gave him his awards outright.

Diecast Model Car Valuator, Car Model Specialist and Hot Wheels collector Joseph Fontanilla are renowned for restoring & doing custom hot wheels and other car diecast models. He’s a colony leader in the cluster of Toy Vehicles, Hotwheels, Tomica, Greenlight and Matchbox.

Joseph Fontanilla is being awarded together with Frederick Puno, CEO & Chairman

The man with the world’s largest collection of fast food restaurant toys, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records Exactly at 10,000 toys in 2014. Percival Lugue continuously holds on to the title with over 20,000 fast food toys to date. Since childhood, he already valued the significance of toys by getting serious at it. He envisioned of having a celestial toy world. His tremendous passion serves him as a Colony Leader in Collectors Hive under Fast Food Toys cluster.

Percival Lugue is being awarded together with Frederick Puno, CEO & Chairman

Watch the video of the actual awarding ceremony

Collectors Hive Display Gallery

Before Woobee came, Collectors Hive had a gaming contest. Guess who is the mascot and win a Jollibee Funko Pop! Congratulations to Jose Roy Gatdula for guessing it right! Hooray!

Meet Woobee, a cute gifted little guy with a mind of his own. This one-of-a-kind personality robot nudges you to play and collect wonderful items. Collectors Hive surprises every one of his stunning appearance and role play in the future. He is the new mascot of Collectors Hive.

Woobee is in action! He is the new CH mascot.

Mr. Frederick Puno believes that every collector has a reason and value for keeping each collectible. He dreams to have an organized and functional social community for the collectors. As the awarding ceremony and spotlight focused on the stage, he quoted “Collect things along with good memories.”

The CEO gives an inspiring message.


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