Parker And The 130th Anniversary Collection


If you haven’t seen the Parker Pen Special Anniversary Collection, read on. They have been famous since 1888 about elegance, craftsmanship and as a writing experience. Now last February 2018, they celebrated the 130th anniversary in line with George S. Parker’s simple mantra – to create a better and inspirational pen.

They released a limited edition Parker Duofold Fountain Pen with only 1,300 pieces distributed worldwide. The price is approximately 175,000 in Philippine Peso.

Each pen tributes to their founder’s relentless curiosity about the world, global culture, passion for travel and craftsmanship -undergone 22 hand-assembled components. The barrel features a world map set with golden lines. A two-carat Lapis Lazuli was set in the cap crown. The 18-karat gold nib was plated to ensure a smooth and comfortable writing experience.

Did you know that the Duofold collection has been used by a variety of high-profile individuals such as U.S. presidents for official signing pens? This 130th anniversary “The Duofold ‘The Craft of Travelling’ is a unique masterpiece.

To honor the pen’s limited edition, a luxurious gift box set inspired by vintage-style luggage has been made. Inside we find George’s map of visited countries. From Tahiti to Tonga, the New Caledonian Islands to China, George believed that his memories were strengthened and preserved.

This one-of-a-kind pen is truly remarkable, collectible and historical. The value is so priceless.

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