Roland And His Vintage Toy Collections


Let’s meet Roland Yu, who loves Voltes V, WWF, and Bioman – a 70’s and 80’s era vintage toy collector. Childhood memories bring happiness and warm feelings. Childhood memories carve our soul, they mould our being and has an impact greater than other memories. Roland kept rare toys like Popeye miniatures and Voltes V figures which shaped and became part of his fondest childhood memories.

Before collecting, he was a picker. He gathers old items and stores them at home. During one of his picking adventure, he saw interesting toys. Transformers was the first toy he got. He felt happiness, excitement, and curiosity when he explored the robot.

During his younger years, life wasn’t easy and so harboring of toys. Now he has plenty of resources to make his dream come true – to be with his nostalgic toys and memories.

Roland began collecting Voltron from Jollibee remake to original one (with wings and scary eyes). One of his major collections is Voltes V series. His Voltes V varieties are coin bank, “Palengke” series, bootleg and original DX Voltes V (1977 & 1982 Poppy Japan Version) and modern release Godaikin 1982.

Daimos and Bioman are also part of his collection. He said Peebo is a rare robot which can only be obtained as a free item.

If you were born in 80’s, battery operated robots will sound familiar to you. Another proud member of the baby boomers’ era, the Ghostbusters is here to save us.

From the generation of 90’s, Roland was fascinated by WWE as his father is also a fan. They watch together and soon he began completing the arena toys.

Roland has a message for new hobbyists, “Remember that it’s never too late. I never had a good childhood toy collection but was able to acquire them today. What’s important is to enjoy collecting. This should be a stress reliever not a source of stress.”

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