Rare Handwritten Letters Of Andres Bonifacio


Today we commemorate Andres Bonifacio’s birthday, November 30, 1863. He was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary, dubbed as ‘the father of the Philippine Revolution’. Did you know that three surviving extremely rare and historically important letters of Bonifacio were present today?

The letters were dated March 8, April 16, and April 24, 1897, about the controversial Tejeros convention. Bonifacio sent them to Emilio Jacinto, one of the highest ranking officers of the Katipunan, bearing his official letterhead design.

According to sources, the letters were studied by scholar Jim Richardson, and verified by Leon Gallery’s own team of historians. It also became part of the estate of the late Epifanio De Los Santos, a respected historian, scholar, and director of the National Library. These were auctioned off by Leon Gallery, which benefited Asian Cultural Council Philippines Foundation Inc.

The letter was written just days before the Tejeros Convention, a meeting of the Katipuneros, which also predicts the country’s first presidential and vice-presidential elections. In the other two letters, Bonifacio tells Jacinto of what happened at the Tejeros Convention, he described them as chaotic.

Take a look in the pictures, photo courtesy of Leon Gallery:

Notice that these letters bear the roundel escutcheon seal of Andres Bonifacio with the Baybayin “K” that emanates the light of freedom, together with words “Haring Bayang Katagalugan Kataas-taasang Kapulungan” (Sovereign Nation of the Tagalogs, Executive Cabinet) and his signature “Andres Bonifacio Maypagasa.”

Being just a few of the only ones that remain here in the Philippines, the Bonifacio Presidential Letters is yet another most important historical collection. As the day ends, we remember how Bonifacio embarked his legacy in the heart of Filipinos.

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